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Our Organic and Natural Mattresses & Futons and prices are listed below.

We have many options some are 100% Organic inside out, while others are green and eco-friendly and can even include other fibers like wool, EverGreen Foam and Natural Latex to better meet your desired comfort level. White Lotus Home organic and natural mattresses are available in standard sizes. We also custom make organic mattresses, cushions, covers and pillows to your specifications. Our mattresses normally last 7-10 and even 15 years or more and some customers have kept our futons and mattresses for over 20 years... It is recommended by Law to review and consider changing your mattress every 10 years. The prices below include FREE shipping to the continental US!

All PRICES are available on each product page below. Please look at the end of each page for a drop down menu, to find prices or call 732-828-2111 oe email for more details.

Shipping to: Alaska, Hawaii and Internationally is available by calling 732-828-2111. Or, after placing your order online, if you are not in the continental USA, we will contact you with total extra shipping fees. You can also send an email with your order and address to: for final shipping cost, before placing your order, if you are not in the continental USA. 

Organic, Green Mattresses and Futons, available since 1981

How they are made video here! 

What is the difference between a White Lotus Home Futon and a White Lotus Home Mattress?

All of our mattresses can be made in “Futon” and “Mattress” styles. The differences between the two are simple:

1-  A Mattress is made standard at 6” thick, while a Futon is 5” thick.

2- A Mattress comes with side handles to help maneuver its size, but a Futon is made without handles.

3- A Mattress has side panels that give it a boxier shape, while a Futon has rounded sides.

These differences allow us to make Futons out of the same high-quality material as Mattresses, but for less cost. Both Mattress and Futon styles come in any standard size, or can be customized to any size or depth for an additional fee. Email us at or call 732.828.211 for a quote today!

  White Lotus Home mattresses can be made up in 7, 8 or 9 inches thick. Read more about this at:  Other products sizes and weights

Because we know how hard it can be to shop for an organic or natural mattress online, we offer a way for you to try them first: SAMPLES available but feel free to send questions to or call 877 HANDMADE or 732-828-2111. Thank you for choosing to live a greener lifestyle and White Lotus Home!  

Organic & Natural Fibers: All our mattresses and bedding are made with the finest fibers on Earth. For details about our Organic Buckwheat Hulls, Organic Cotton, Green Cotton, Kapok, New Zealand Pure Wool, Latex and EverGreen Foam, please visit this LINK!



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