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We can spend days talking about why White Lotus Home is a green, sustainable, caring and good company but this is better expressed by what other industries have already said. Below are many links and we have plenty of more quick read documents that offer many great story angles and points of view. White Lotus Home has been in business since 1981 and we have seen a huge growth due to the urgent need to save and conserve the Earth. We have been helping this cause for over 27 years now. We also help reduce the risk of SIDS, cater to folks with special needs, chemical and allergic sensitivities. In the last several years, we have experienced an increased demand for our products, from folks that are looking to make a difference and offer our children and healthier environment. This is why over 80 companies have joined forces with us and are helping this cause. We see the need for more education on natural and organic bedding and we are here to help.
Here is what the NY Times says about White Lotus Home
Now Looking Green Is Looking Good

This article tells how White Lotus Home save over 4,400 trees a year by using wind power energy.

Home furnishings business White Lotus Home markets earth-friendly housewares by Amanda Cafaro / Contributing Writer

White Lotus Home an Eco-firm

This is how White Lotus Home reaches out to students and helps them have a GREEN and natural learning experience.

White Lotus Home in

White Lotus Home a Coop-America member

White Lotus Home in Community Art and Home Design Event

Listing at Green Listed

White Lotus Home Trade Key listed

Green Building Source listed

White Lotus Home an Organic Trade Association Member

Bedroom Magazine talks about White Lotus Home

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