Organic US Made Pillows: Wool, Kapok, Cotton, Buckwheat

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Organic Pillows handmade by White Lotus Home Ship for FREE, in the continental USA!

Shipping to: Alaska, Hawaii and International is available by calling or after placing your organic bedding order online. We will simply get back to you with the best quote.  All our prices are available on each page, per product. Please look at the end of each page for a drop down menu, to find prices. Thank you!

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Because we know that everyone is unique, White Lotus Home offers a variety of organic and natural pillows in different shapes, sizes and materials. Here is a link that may help you understand sizes and weights better. Know that if you do not see the natural or organic pillow here, that you want, we can custom make pillows for you.

If you do not see the organic or natural pillow size you need, please email for a quote or call 732-828-2111 or 877 HANDMADE.

Quick video of how Organic Pillow handmade in the USA, since 1981

Our goal with our organic pillows, is to find you the best hand made in the USA pillow you can buy. Our organic pillows, like all the products we offer, are eco-friendly and socially conscious, made with the safest ingredients available - from Organic Cotton and Organic Buckwheat, to Pure New Zealand Wool and Kapok. We take our time sewing and stuffing each pillow by hand to ensure only the highest quality reaches our customers. Because we use only natural fibers (see our ingredients list to find out more), our organic pillows are far more breathable than any synthetics.

Because we know how hard it can be to shop for an organic or natural mattress online, we offer a way for you to try them first: SAMPLES available.

Organic & Natural Fibers: All our mattresses and bedding are made with the finest fibers on Earth. For details about our Organic Buckwheat Hulls, Organic Cotton, Green Cotton, Kapok, New Zealand Pure Wool, Latex and EverGreen Foam, please visit this LINK!


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