White Lotus Green Products & Services Guide


Natural and Organic Bedding all proudly handcrafted in the USA, since 1981!

Here is a list of all the Products and Services that White Lotus Home offers to help you have a GREENER and LEANER, ORGANIC and BEAUTIFUL living environment.

These may help you change the way you live your life outside your home as well. Good luck and thank you for helping Save the Earth!!!

Since Earth Day in 1981, White Lotus Home has been saving the planet, here are 22 ways you can help…

  1. We handcraft standard, custom natural and organic pillows, mattresses, futons, seat, window, boat and other cushions, covers, duvets, comforters, sheets, children bedding accessories and more...all this using natural or organic fibers. Next time you need one of these items, let us know, we even offer the fibers and fabrics for you to do this yourself.
  2. We have a great wholesale program offering 50% profit and a drop-ship program offering 30% of profit. We are also open to helping you open your own White Lotus Home in your area.
  3. We offer private label work
  4. We offer bulk order discounts, for large orders, non-profits, special events, etc...
  5. Our products are available in over 20 states and Canada, so tell a friend.
  6. We supply Yoga and Massage practitioners.
  7. We offer special rates for hospitals, medical practitioners, hotels and motels.
  8. We help many local and national charities.
  9. We give away gifts to folks with needs: send us your story to info@whitelotus.net FREE NATURAL BEDDING drawing in the subject  line.
  10. We carry beautiful hardwood furniture made in the USA and you can support Americans by shopping with us.  Our lines include: beds, dressers, mirrors, bureaus, wardrobes, home accessories, futon frames, coffee and end tables, shelves, office furniture, dinning and living room, kids furniture, art work, paintings etc…
  11. We also carry GREEN gifts and home decorations: pictures frames, art work, kitchen accessories, candle holders, etc.
  12. We carry organic and natural newborn and children bedding, including cribs, toddler mattresses, puddle pads, organic sheets and custom make cushions children bedding.     
  13. We have something for everyone: from Premium Cherry Furniture to Solid Maple and Tulip unfinished natural woods.
  14. We deliver all over the USA and Canada.
  15. We use UPS, USPS and Trucking services as necessary but we prefer if you pick up or.
  16. We offer a WHITE GLOVE service where we personally deliver and assemble with in 100 plus miles from New Brunswick, NJ.
    a. We use our own low emission and non-chemically cleaned vehicles
    b. We do house calls to:
    i. Remove/replace covers from your futons and pillows, flip and help with the care of your natural   mattresses, futon and bedding
    ii. Deliver and assemble all furniture you buy from us
    iii. We can remove your mattress/dresser etc… when we delivery your new products. If you just need something removed, we can help with that as well.
  17. One of our mattress/futon or other product specialist can visit your home and fix or make further recommendations on how to upgrade or fix your green products.
  18. Need interior GREEN design help? Call us, we may be able to visit and help with your décor.
  19. We are a clearinghouse for Green, Organic, Natural and Recycling information. We may have contacts and other GREEN information you may be looking for, feel free to send an email and we will try and help info@whitelotus.net. We also have a BLOG and offer lots of helpful information on the FAQs portion of our site.
  20. We offer FREE tours of our facilities, which includes our handcrafting areas. Parties over 10 please make an appointment by calling 732-828-2111 or by sending your information (# of people date of planned visit, reason for visiting to info@whitelotus.net.
  21. We have two showrooms that can be rented or barter for events. Non-profit related events may be able to use our facilities for FREE.
  22. We offer over 100 years of experience in the GREEN, ORGANIC, US MANUFACTURING field, give us a try info@whitelotus.net …if you think we should know about a topic, send us your questions.



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